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Hello my lovelies! Welcome to my blog!

This has been a long time in the making for me. Since having children I have developed a real love and passion for eco-friendly and fair trade baby and children’s products. I love cloth nappies, ethical (especially wooden) toys, and organic children’s clothing.

I’ve also been working towards leading a more eco-friendly and holistic lifestyle. This, combined with my love of eco children’s products, gave me the idea to start up this blog to document our journey as a family as we work towards a cleaner, more eco-friendly way of living.

I have always loved reading about other families and their journeys in this lifestyle. I’d find it fascinating seeing the transformations in them; and how happy they became as they blossomed. I thought to myself, since I find it so interesting to read about real people and how they live, then why not document our little life in the hope it inspires other people to following their dreams and change their lifestyles for the better; just like us.

So here we are! I hope you guys enjoy reading this, and thanks for visiting!

Emily x

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About us

Hello! I’m Emily, the nature-loving mama! In this section you can find out more about who I am, what makes me tick, my little family and why I’m blogging.
brightly painted canvases


Crafting is one of my greatest pleasures in life! In this section I share some of the things I’ve made, and give you ideas for your own craft projects.

Family activities

Finding things to do with small children isn’t always easy. In this section I’ll give you some ideas, and review family activities I’ve found on other websites.
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Children’s clothing

I’m a huge fan of organic and ethical children’s clothing. In this section I review some of the items I’ve bought and talk about some of my favourite brands.
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Cloth nappies

We ♥ cloth nappies! In this section I review my (massive!) stash, and provide handy hints for choosing, using and looking after cloth nappies.


All hail the ethical toys! I really love wooden toys – especially the brightly-coloured ones – and my children have a huge stash. Read all about them here!

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