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I have had a lot of fun this week ‘researching’ the most beautiful brand of toys that have recently been introduced into the UK and stocked by our friends Babi Pur, and they are called Grapat. This beautiful little company is a family run business that works with and around nature and also uses it to create beautiful wooden toys that encourage children’s imagination and creativity. The toys are all natural (of course) and are fantastic for sensory play as the toys retain their natural textures from the variations in the grain of wood- no two toys are the same!

It’s pretty safe to say that this beautiful brand and their amazing toys has created quite a buzz amongst Babi Pur fans and customers, as the moment the toys landed they were gone as quickly as they arrived! Once the second order of Grapat goodies arrived a few weeks later (it actually felt like forever); I confess I was one of those mamas who fell crazy in love with the toys and bought (just a few more) than one set 😉

SO- here are our favourite 5 Grapat sets that we’ve bought from Babi Pur that just *have* to be owned by all 😉 …

 1) Rainbow Nins

The rainbow nins were the first Grapat set we bought, and I can’t explain how gorgeous these little guys are in person! I mean, the product pictures are really lovely- so you can imagine how amazing they are in reality!
The boys love these little beauties, what I love about them is that they can be anything or anyone! Nic plays with them very often and enjoys lining them up and placing them in different places; it’s not an uncommon sight to see him wandering around with at least one of them clutched in his chunky little baby fists  ❤

When they boys are done playing with them they sit on our Kallax and look beautiful. These toys, like other similar brands are more like works of art, they are so appealing to both adults and children (which I think is a rather clever move on the company’s part- what’s the best way to sell large quantities of your products? Make them as desirable to the parents as they are to the children).

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 2) 7 moons set

I’ve spoken to a few mums who have seen this set in particular and have confessed that they want these sets more for themselves, and I won’t lie- I am in total agreement with them! The *moment* I saw this on BP’s website it was in my basket without a moment’s hesitation. The day it arrived I was almost too scared to let the boys play with it as I was scared they’d break my toy 😉 But of course they loved it and treated it well- Jacob sat at the dinner table the first day it arrived, and in between mouthfuls of dinner he was pulling the little men out of their cups and lining them all up, he just loved them ❤

This gorgeous set represents the 7 days of the week according to the Waldorf teachings, with each colour Nin representing a different day of the week. But like all toys of this type, they can be used in every and any kind of game – These beautiful toys adapt to any game that children’s imaginations create.

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3) 3 Natural Nins

Like the set of 12 rainbow Nins, the 3 natural nins are beautiful and versatile and can be incorporated into any game. The natural feel of the wood makes them an excellent sensory toy, and the variations and imperfections in the grain of wood mean they are incredibly beautiful to look at <3

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4) 6 Rainbow bowls

This beautiful set of six mini rainbow bowls is not only gorgeous to look at, but is a wonderful multi-functional toy that can be included and incorporated into any game 🙂 Be it sorting or counting, stacking and building; or even accessories in role play/ food games- these bowls are a lovely little set to own. Jacob likes to stack the bowls and try to build them up, whilst Nic is much happier to put things in them and then take them back out again. One way or another the boys will always end up playing with them I’m forever having to tidy them up at the end of the day!

This lovely little set is a wonderful addition to our toy collection, they often live in the boy’s toy kitchen, as Jacob is quite the imaginary chef and loves to serve up delicious air in the bowls 😉

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 5) Nins in the woods

One thing I’ve noticed about my eldest, Jacob (who’s almost 3), is he is not much of an imaginative player. He doesn’t really engage in many role playing/ storytelling games (apart from kitchen). Jacob is more of a literal player, his play sessions are very straight forward (here’s a car- I’m going to roll it backwards and forwards). He’s a very analytical little boy and loves to study how things work and has always enjoyed puzzles, and will quite happily play on his own without needing much interaction from others. While I love his about him, I have always wanted him to play more story telling games too, as I think it would be great for his budding imagination.

So when I spotted the Nins in the woods set I thought it would be an excellent set to help introduce him into role playing/ storytelling games gently. The set comes with big mushrooms, sleeping bags for the Nins, 3 wooden discs, a felt mat, 3 felt hats for the hat-less Nins, various wooden shapes to incorporate into their little world, and 6 Nins (3 hat-less, 3 with). I thought this set would be fantastic as it was a great way to help Jacob imitate the very basics of role play in a game (sleeping in their beds, sitting on the wooden disc seats, gathering around and eating, and exploring their wooded world and having adventures on the way).

I’m so glad I bought this set- it really is so beautiful and Jacob is beginning to slowly play basic role play games, the rest of the time (once he’s done humouring me) he plays with the little Nins and mushrooms by stacking them on top of the wooden shapes that come with the set 🙂 <3

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We all have brands that we utterly love, and yet will likely not love everything in their line, however; with Grapat I honestly can’t say their is a single product of theirs that I don’t like. Each toy is hand made with excellent quality  wood, the stains are natural; and the packaging is 100% recyclable. The way these toys are packaged is beautiful and totally charming. Some of the sets we have bought have come in their own beautiful little cotton string bag too 🙂

An amazing brand, amazing toys and totally worth every penny! <3

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