My name is Emily. In 2017 I become a single mother after splitting with my partner of 11 years, until I met my husband Al. Al and I live in North Wales with my two children Jacob (5) and Nicolas who is 3.

My boy’s dad and I had been together for 11 years, and although we are no longer together we are still good friends. Their dad and I got together when I was 16- we survived high school, college and uni together. By the time we had Jacob we’d been together for 8 years, and I thought we’d gone through a lot together, been on adventures and had our time as children who only had to worry about ourselves. But my goodness, when Jacob came along he turned our whole world around! Suddenly we were grown-ups – like real grown-ups – who had this small noisy little person to look after.

Becoming parents changed us (for the better), and I feel like becoming a mother made me. Mummying is hard. So hard, and yet it shaped me, it brought out my creative side (which I had abandoned after art college) and it also made me reconnect with nature.

Once I’d settled into motherhood I found myself actually liking the person I was; the happier person that had been born along with my son.

Once I fell pregnant with Nicolas I admit I was terrified! My two boys would be only 20 months apart and I knew their dad and I were going to be very busy!

But Nicolas arriving was the most beautiful experience, and I loved him the second he was born. Our little bug completed me! 🙂

So let me introduce you to the family 🙂

Jacob is a beautiful little soul. He’s your typical little boy: he’s hyperactive, into everything and incredibly funny. He loves to be outside and he’s obsessed with cars!

Nicolas is a real cheeky little chap, he is gorgeous but my goodness the boy can tantrum!


is the newest member of our family and has fit in perfectly! He’s loving, caring, and just as silly as me and the boys! Al and I are due to get married in March 2019, we can’t wait to settle down and live the rest of our lives together with the boys <3


Before getting serious with Al things were very hard for me after leaving my previous relationship-  I had to leave my old home which I had worked so hard on, the village that I loved; and of course the boys would now be shared by their dad and me and so no longer had one home with two parents, but two homes with one in each. That has been a very hard transition for all four of us, and I wont lie; it hasn’t all been smooth running. But we are getting there- the boys are very lucky to have two parents who adore them, a stepdad who adores them; and two of everything in two homes 🙂

Thankfully now we can put the hard times behind us and focus on making a happy life for us and the boys, and now that I have found my groove in this new life I would hope that things can only get better. We are continuing our eco lifestyle and always trying to improve; I’ll keep you all updated!

E x