My name is Emily. I live with my partner Rhys in North Wales with our two children Jacob (2.5) and Nicolas who is 6 months.

Rhys and I have been together for 10 years now. We survived high school, college and uni together! By time we had Jacob we’d been together for 8 years, and I thought we’d gone through a lot together, been on adventures and had our time as children who only had to worry about ourselves. But my goodness, when Jacob came along he turned our whole world around! Suddenly we were grown-ups – like real grown-ups – who had this small noisy little person to look after.

Becoming parents changed us (for the better), and I feel like becoming a mother made me. Mummying is hard. So hard, and yet it shaped me, it brought out my creative side (which I had abandoned after art college) and it also made me reconnect with nature.

Once I’d settled into motherhood I found myself actually liking the person I was; the happier person that had been born along with my son.

Once I fell pregnant with Nicolas I admit I was terrified! My two boys would be only 20 months apart and I knew Rhys and I were going to be very busy!

But Nicolas arriving was the most beautiful experience, and I loved him the second he was born. Our little bug completed the family! đŸ™‚

So let me introduce you to the family đŸ™‚

Emily and Rhys of Nature-loving Mama

Me and Rhys


Jacob is a beautiful little soul. He’s your typical toddler: he’s hyperactive, into everything and incredibly funny. He loves to be outside and he’s obsessed with cars!

Emily's son Jacob

Nicolas is a real cheeky little chap, he is gorgeous but my goodness the boy can tantrum!

Emily's son Nicolas