About Emily

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My interests

Since becoming a mother I’ve noticed myself change so much (for the better).

I’m now so much more active, I go for walks, do yoga and have really connected with nature. Not only that but my creative side has really blossomed. l’m always looking for a new project to busy myself with!


I am an aspiring artist and love to paint and draw, and although I have little time for it now, when I was in art college I loved to sculpt and make models. But my real passion is sewing and felting! I’m always looking for new sewing projects and I’m always making bits and pieces for my boys 🙂  I can’t use a sewing machine, and so everything I make is by hand. I like it that way, I find the repetitiveness of hand stitching very therapeutic- I just love sticking my favourite films on and getting lost in the stitches 🙂

For more about my projects check out the crafting section.

Apart from my love of crafting and the outdoors, I lovvvve my music and I am a big movie buff, I adore anything Studio Ghibli, Tim Burton and Tarantino!

I also find home and interior design really interesting, it’s always been something I’ve loved. Thinking about it now, I wish I’d pursued that path when I had the opportunity to in art college. But at the time I loathed textiles (which was a requirement for that pathway). Oh how the times have changed!


Years after finishing art college I studied Health and Social care at uni and graduated with a 2:1, and had planned to carry on studying to be a social worker. However, once my babies were born I felt my interests and ambitions shift again. I think I’m just like many other people – I’m so indecisive about what I want to do with my life, but I am grateful I went and studied because it changed and matured me. As far as I’m concerned a degree doesn’t necessarily have to be a pathway to a career; whatever you go to study will shape and evolve you, all that new knowledge can’t be a bad thing eh? 🙂

I think now that I have children and have got to know the whole world of eco products I’d love to work in that area… wherever that will lead me who knows!

Being a mama rocks!

I really feel like I’ve found my true self now that I’m a mama, it puts things into perspective, and can make you discover things about yourself you never knew were there!

I’m all about attachment parenting and I’ve been a strong advocate of baby wearing since the beginning! There’s nothing quite like walking around with your little one snuggled against you, knowing that they feel safe and warm next to the beating of their mama’s heart <3

Plus for us it means hands free for us! (Woohoo!)

Basically, natural parenting rocks! I really don’t think I’d be such a happy mama without it!

Natural living

Living a more natural and eco-friendly lifestyle is very important to me, it makes me so happy living this way, and constantly working on improving it 🙂

Almost everything I do day-to-day is structured around natural living, from what toys and clothes I buy for the boys, what products I clean their clothes (and bodies) with to what products I use on them when I change their nappies.

I’m slowly working my way to replacing my own personal hygiene products to natural and environmentally friendly ones too.

It’s a big journey we’re on, but it’s so fun; and I’m so much happier since implementing these changes into our lives!

It’s funny how having children can change you, or enhances what is already there. It can make you reassess yourself and your life, and give you that little kick that you needed to get things done! I’ve changed so much in the last two and a half years alone. I don’t know what the future holds for me; but I have my whole life to find that out! Who knows what path I will follow and what I’ll get up to?

Whatever way, the future is going to be bright!

-E x