About our family

Here’s a quick introduction to the two little monsters that inspired me to write this blog 🙂

Jacob ❤

Jacob is five, and he certainly knows how to rock those charming little boy mannerisms! Like any little boy he can be the happiest and sweetest little angel in the world, and then the next minute he turns into a little devil!

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But my Jacob is wonderful, he’s beautiful and funny, and fiercely independent when he wants to be!

Jacob is a typical little boy and loves to play outside and get grubby in the dirt, but most of all he loves cars! In fact my boy loves anything with wheels and can entertain himself for ages with all of his toy vehicles!

The older Jacob gets the more he blossoms into the most beautiful little character. He always makes me proud and teaches me a little something new about mummying every day! ❤

Nicolas ❤

Nicolas is  3, and never fails to make me smile! He’s so young and yet he’s quite the little character already! two features that stand out most with Nic is 1: He has the cheekiest smile I’ve ever seen, and 2: The boy has some crazy mad blond hair, which we all love (though it’s a nightmare to maintain)!

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He’s such a lovely happy and sociable baby, and he’s always busying himself to learn new skills.

When Nic was born I fully immersed myself into the whole attachment parenting ethos and as such he’s such a cuddly little boy and is all about his mama! ❤

What I love most about Nic is he’s so sociable and wants to be everyone’s friend 🙂

Nicolas is a beautiful (albeit challenging at times) little soul and I just can’t get enough of him and the gorgeous little squishy cuddles he gives!

I can’t wait to see how he changes as he gets older, what kind of person he will be and what kind of interests he’ll have 🙂

I love my boys to the end of the earth. They make me beam with pride every day 🙂

My boys rock! They really do! I’m such a lucky mama! ❤