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Before having children I dreaded the thought of having to change dirty nappies. The very thought. *Shudders*. But of course once you have babies it just becomes something you do without giving much thought to it. Just another service you’re willing to provide to make your small happy and comfortable.

With this in mind, I doubted there would be anything that could make nappies and nappy changing particularly exciting.

Until I discovered cloth nappies…

I started using them when Jacob was about 4 months old. A friend had very kindly given me a starter kit and imparted her knowledge on caring for them onto me; without her advice and kindly giving me some of her nappy stash I doubt I’d have started using them.

The idea of using cloth had always appealed to me but the starting up, buying the nappies and learning how to properly wash and care for them was very daunting to me; so being me I thought I could spare myself the aggro and just soldier on with disposables.

But now thanks to my lovely friend I ‘m still using them two children later. And I Love them!

I’m all about the latest patterns and prints, I’m sort of like a nappy magpie – the more colourful and bright, the better!

So if any of you are reading this and have always been curious about cloth nappies but, like me, were always too nervous to try, do it! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Pretty pretty pretty

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