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This is going to be an interesting section :) I can’t explain (though I’m sure many of you will agree) how hard it can be to keep toddlers and children entertained!

There’s only so many games you can play with them before they get bored and you’re left struggling to think of stimulating things to do with them.

So then you go online and start researching fun things to do with the kids, and though you find lots of ideas, you rarely get around to actually doing any of them, because sometimes it can be a real pain trying all these new things that have no guarantee of being a success, and it’s much easier to go back to the tried and tested safety nets that you know will work.

But of course they only last for so long, and so you’re back to square one, and the cycle continues.

Well, this is where me and my men become useful!

I’ve decided to be a guinea pig and try out lots of different indoor and outdoor toddler and child friendly activities and then report back here to show you all how successful they are; how fun/easy/doable they can be :)


Plan Toys plant pots and planting seeds

Hi guys! I am proud to be a rep for Babipur, and as such I write a monthly article on their blog, this is an article I wrote for Babipur about a fun activity to do with your children- planting seeds and watching them grow! Jacob, Nic and I planted cress seeds and they absolutely […]

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An alternative Easter activity

This month we have been having lots of fun trying out different products for our friends Babi Pur! Amongst some of the beautiful things we bought and were given to try, we were able to discover a new fun activity that’s perfect for any time of the year, but can also make a perfect Easter […]

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Halloween, Celebration Rings, and New Traditions

Ahh Halloween, I think there’s quite a divide between those who love it and those who hate it. Halloween is not for everyone, I know. Many people think it’s too commercial, too Americanised and many disagree with the notion of children knocking on stranger’s doors begging for sweets. I can understand that, I appreciate that […]

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The Cardboard Box Fort

Ahh cardboard boxes, they’re fabulous things aren’t they? It’s funny how the simplest of things can keep kids happy. The great thing about boxes is that they can be absolutely anything in the world with a bit of imagination. I remember Jacob’s first Christmas where he spent ages having the time of his life playing with […]

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