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This section is a kind of all-rounder really – here I’ll be nattering on about different bits and pieces. This could be anything including product reviews, places we’ve been and other stuff we get up to.

Hope you all enjoy!



Reusable Sanitary Products – Making the Switch

Hello everyone, happy RUMPS week! As it’s reusable cloth sanitary pads (csp) and menstrual cups week I thought I’d write about reusable sanitary products and the benefits to using them, as well as telling you about my experience of making the switch from disposable sanitary pads to a menstrual cup. In previous posts I have […]

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Introducing the wonderful world of Babi Pur

There are many shops and online stores that I like, and like most parents I really do love spoiling my boys 🙂 I just love looking at all of the different wooden toys and gorgeous clothes (not to mention all of the amazing cloth nappies) that I could get for them. So whenever I have […]

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Glynllifon Park

The Woods

Everyone has that go-to place where they’re guaranteed to feel happy. For us, that place is Glynllifon Park near Caernarfon.

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