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As Real Nappy Week has just been, I thought it time that I wrote a little review on something we tried for the first time in the spirit of this year’s RNW: reusable baby wipes.

Now I’ve been using cloth nappies for almost four years now, I feel like I know pretty much all there is that I need to know about how to use cloth nappies and care for them etc. However; despite being a long time cloth nappy user, I’d never used cloth wipes. Using cloth wipes had always been something I’d wanted to try, but I’d always been a little bit unsure how to store them/clean them etc.

It was like in the beginning when I wanted to use cloth but didn’t know how to go about it; instead of going out there and actually doing my research, I’d build it up in my head as too much of a faff and then write it off and put it to the back of my mind and forget about it.

And then of course when it does actually come down to it and you do take the time to do your research and take a chance and actually try them; you realise that they’re not that bad and actually pretty simple.

So during last week’s RNW week I decided sod it, I’ll go on Babi Pur hangout and get some advice from members who use them. I was so glad I did, within minutes I was flooded with messages and comments about the experiences others had had with cloth wipes; as well as so many wonderful tips on how to clean/maintain/store them.

So equipped with all of this lovely new knowledge I went and got myself some cloth wipes of my very own 🙂

The wipes we have been so very lucky to try thanks to our friends at Babi Pur are the Pop In pastel Bamboo wipes, and Oh wow are they good! 

The first thing that struck me when I opened the pack is that they are so very soft! They are a good size too, they fit nicely in your hand but cover enough area during nappy change. The pack comes with ten wipes in pastel colours; but if you’re not a fan of the pastels, they also come in bright colours too.

Putting them to use

It was interesting trying the wipes for the first time. I’d always hated using disposable wipes, given that we try to be so conscious about everything else we use. Unfortunately when you’re used to using something it’s sometimes quite hard to change. And that’s exactly how it was when it came to making the change over to reusable wipes from disposable ones. I was given lots of tips on how to use and store/clean these beauties on hangout, and I found that really helped in making it a smooth transition from disposable wipes.

I think the main tip I can give, now that I’ve switched to reusable wipes, it be prepared. Because disposable wipes are already wet in the packet and so in that respect they’re ready to be used as and when you need them, it takes a while to get used to the reusable wipes which are usually stored dry. I had lots of different advice from other mamas for when it comes to nappy change and you need to use your wipes, here’s a few tips I was given:


  • you can store them dry and wet a couple of them under the tap when you know your little one is due a or needs a nappy change. It seems like the easiest option to wet them under the tap just before you know you need to change a nappy.


  • you can have a little spray bottle with a couple of drops of essential oil in it (such a lavender for example) that you keep close by with your wipes and nappies etc so that when a spontaneous nappy change happens you can wet them as and when you need them.

The other option is to store them damp in a container so that they are already wet when you use them. The only issue that comes to doing that is that the clean wipes will quite quickly start to smell inside the container. One way to tackle this could be to add some essential oils in with them to keep them smelling fresher, but from what other’s have told me from their own experiences; this isn’t the best option to go for.

I have been mainly wetting them under the tap just before changing Nic’s nappy- the little toad hates having his nappy changed and wriggles away when I’m trying to change him, so the squirty bottle isn’t always the best option for me.

Using the wipes has been awesome though, it really has. Do you ever find that when you’re using disposable wipes, you need to use like ten of them just for one poopy nappy? Gah!  It’s annoying isn’t it?! I quite often found as well that disposable wet wipes just spread everything, hence why you need to use so many to clean one bum. It used to drive me crazy! That’s not the case with these fab reusable wipes though! One- two is all I seem to need now that I’ve made the switch- they just seem to clean everything up so much quicker and easier, squirmy two year old and everything 😉

Pretty pretty pretty

Cleaning them

This was the biggie for me when it came to making the switch; there were two things that held me back from making the switch:

  • Do I really need the extra washing?
  • How do I clean them?

Well, when it comes to the first point; it really doesnt cause that much extra washing- even if you had 20 dirty wipes to was in one go, they’d still fit in with a nappy load in the machine. It really doesn’t require that much extra work to wash them and dry them.

Storing dirty wipes and washing them can change from person to person, depending on what routine of their own they have. The advice I was given varied, however there were three ways that I found most helpful (and have since tried myself)

  1. You can store them in a separate wet bag for dirty wipes and chuck them straight in the wash with all of your other nappies when it comes to cleaning them.
  2. You can store them in a wet or dry lidded bucket with all of your other nappies and leave them to soak, and then chuck them straight in the machine
  3. or you can chuck them in the washing machine in a mesh bag with or without your nappies. Personally I’m not such a fan of the mesh bag idea, as I don’t feel like they get much of a chance to circulate in the machine and I worry about residue being left behind inside the bags. BUT it works really well for a lot of people, so my advice can be to just try loads of different ways and see what works for you. Personally I favour option 2, I’ve tried the other two ways and I feel like option two works better for me.

All in all, I’m so happy we decided to make the switch, not only does it make nappy change time a hell of a lot quicker, but I no longer feel bad for using so many wipes and throwing them away; and hey- I’m saving myself some pennies too as an added bonus 😉

We want to hear from you!

*If you have any interesting tips on maintaining/cleaning/storing wipes, pop it in comments below, would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!*




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