CSP- Making the Switch from Disposable to Reusable Sanitary Products

Following my recent article about making the switch from disposable menstrual products to reusable ones, I thought it would be a good idea to try out csp this month to help those of you decide what’s best for you if you’re thinking of making the switch.

In last month’s article I talked about the benefits of menstrual cups, I’d never really liked pads- disposable ones anyway; and so it had never occurred to me to try reusable ones.
Well this month that all changed 🙂 I was invited by Babi Pur to try csp for myself, I was quite excited as I had never used it before and I wondered if my opinion could be changed.

Id always had such horrible memories of disposable sanitary pads, the way they made me feel when I used them always made me cringe. I couldn’t shake the sensation of feeling ‘dirty’ when I used them. I had assumed that that feeling would be there whether I used reusable or disposable pads.

It’s interesting the opinions you can form on something you’ve never even tried before. How previous experiences of similar things can affect your decisions  on new ones. I had assumed that csp would be just as unpleasant as disposable pads. I was wrong 🙂

I was invited to try the Emilla regular reusable pads, I had been told that this particular brand was really good and the pads were very absorbent. I was quite curious as to how such a thin looking pad could absorb everything and not leak, given that I was used to using chunky perfumed bricks that *still* leaked when I used them. I just couldn’t imagine this super thin thing and not leaking.

I was given the ‘Autumn leaves’ regular size pad with the organic bamboo velour material, the pad has two poppers which means you can adjust the size to better fit your shape.
I can honestly say that this pad was nothing like what I expected! It was great, I loved how pretty the designs are, and how soft the fabric was against my skin. And to my pleasant surprise it didn’t leak, it didn’t leave an odour like it’s disposable cousins, and best of all I didn’t even notice it was there as it was so soft 🙂

What makes these pads so absorbent?

The Emilla range of products are made with several different types of material, all very absorbent and soft, you can choose what absorbent fabrics you want, these include:

  • quilters cotton- which is a layer of cotton fabric that’s  lightweight and doesn’t irritate your skin, and best of all it comes in a range of colours and prints!
  • organic bamboo flannel- lovely and soft and is a quick absorber.
  • pro cool- great for those who like to feel like they’re staying dry (who wouldn’t!), this soft mesh layer helps liquids like sweat to be drawn away, leaving you feeling more comfortable 🙂
  • organic bamboo velour – is super soft and silky and is excellent at absorbing blood quickly.

I think it’s great that you get a choice of what type of material you can use in your pads, no one is the same (and no one’s cycles are the same) and so it’s nice to have a choice of what is right for you rather than the ‘one size fits all’ attitude that disposable pad companies have adopted.

The pad I tried has a half moon absorbency rating, which means it’s ideal for moderate a flow, I was really impressed whilst reading the booklet at all the different sizes and thicknesses you can get, as well as pads better suited for overnight- it was a lovely surprise to see so much choice!

But what about cleaning them?

I remember having the same worry when I first made the decision to use cloth nappies.
The thought of washing them and caring for them was always very daunting, and admittedly it was the same for csp.
Well you’ll be glad to know it’s pretty easy 🙂 The booklet that comes with the pads (which is really cute 🙂 Explains everything you need to do, all you need to do is rinse in cold water, and then wash on 30°. the leaflet also gives handy advice on what to do if there is still light staining on lighter pads. How easy is that! 🙂

I’m really pleasantly surprised with how great csp was, and  while I shall continue to use my menstrual cup for the heaviest half of my flow, I shan’t shy away from reusable pads anymore! I will now use these for the lighter half of my cycle, as they’re so much easier than messing about with the menstrual cup (especially once your flow is a lot lighter). I am so pleasantly surprised at how comfy these beauties are and I shall most definitely invest in more! 🙂

For those of you out there who use disposable pads and wanted to make the switch to reusable ones, I don’t think you’ll find the process of switching and adjusting that difficult, the thought is more daunting than the actual process 🙂 Give it a go- what’s the worst case scenario? You’ve spent a £5-£10 on a pad or two and you don’t like them, you can just sell them on! They last for 5 years too, so you certainly get your money’s worth! 🙂

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