Decorating Jacob’s room

I thought I’d start this section off with the biggest craft project I’ve done to date: my boy’s bedroom 🙂

When I was pregnant with Jacob, I didn’t put any creative energy into his nursery. I’d kind of lost touch with my creative side after graduating from art college at 18. It was something I didn’t rediscover until I was 24 and Jacob was about 3 months old.

Eighteen months later and I fell pregnant with Nicolas. I decided to move Jacob out of the little box room and into the larger spare room, which meant that Nic (once old enough) could have the box room.

I decided that this time I was going to use all of my creative energy and give both of the boys lovely fresh new rooms! This post will be about Jacob’s room; I’ll write about Nic’s in a future post.

Woodland Wonder

Once I fell pregnant with Nic and realised I’d have to shift everything about, I set about planning Jacob’s new room. I was so excited to get started, and there was one theme I had in mind right away…

I chose the woodland theme for Jacob’s new room, as I’d always loved all things natural (no! Really?)

I just love the shape and colours of the trees and leaves, and I also adore autumn, so I thought I’d incorporate these together for Jacob’s room 🙂 I had so many ideas that I wanted to try and squeeze into this project, but I only had six months left to do it – which was only just enough!

The first thing I did was to set about making all of the little accessories for his room. Making all of these bits and pieces was the most time-consuming part of the project.

Trees, Trees, Trees

There is a café I love to go to (which sells *the most* amazing cake), and there is a children’s play area with a large ocean-themed carpet on the wall. It was brilliant because you could stick lots of different Velcro-backed creatures onto it and create a little scene or story. I’d always thought it was a really neat idea, and the children seemed to like it too; so I decided to create my own version for Jacob’s room 🙂

What I wanted to do was a slightly different spin on this carpet idea and paint a tree on the wall with removable felt leaves that could be taken off the tree and played with. So the first thing I did was paint a large tree on the wall with different shades of green and orange leaves to set the woodland theme (and add some colour into the room). This was far too big for Jacob to reach the branches, so I painted a small Jacob-sized leafless tree on the far wall, its bare branches waiting for little leafy friends to be added.

Jacob's big tree

Creating Jacob’s interactive tree

Once I’d painted the branches on the small tree, I bought loads of Velcro Command strips and stuck them to different parts of it.

I’d been working for ages on the leaves… all 28 of them! Each one was cut by hand from felt sheets, hand sewn, stuffed and embroidered by me. It pretty much ate up every night I had free for a month.

But it was so worth doing though, as the felt leaves stuck beautifully to the Velcro Command strips on the wall, and what I was left with was an awesome toddler-sized tree that had lovely soft colourful leaves that you could remove and play with. I even added a felt snail for good measure 🙂

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Decorations and Accessories

Log Cushions

One thing I really wanted in Jacob’s room was to have different sized log cushions in the centre of the room. But when I looked online for decent ones that fit the style I had in mind I was shocked at how expensive they were. I remember finding a sweet little felt log that I thought would be perfect for the room; until I discovered it was £53 and no bigger than a pencil case.

So I thought why don’t I just make my own? I’m so glad I decided to make them myself; they were great fun to do, and so much easier to make than I thought they’d be. The most time-consuming part was embroidering the bark markings into the felt sheets, but once that was done all I had to do was sew it together and stuff it! They’re one of my favourite accessories in Jacob’s room, I’m so proud of how they turned out, and they really add a little something to the space.

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More cushions!

As well as the log cushions, I made a couple of leaf and toadstool cushions for the window seat. They turned out pretty well, but as I made the patterns up as I went along (instead of being sensible and following a pdf design) they’re not exactly the tidiest looking things! But they’re sweet, and they add to the charm of the room 🙂

Painting the canvases

My absolute favourite features of Jacob’s room by far are the nine small canvases I painted for Jacob’s wall. These were a last minute addition, and they were harder to make than the log cushions and leaves for the tree combined! Each canvas had a different woodland theme painted on it: some had leaves, others toadstools, and also a few little creatures. They were painted with acrylic paint and each one took roughly two nights to complete. I paint very thick layered pictures with acrylic paint, I just love the texture it creates. The one downside to this, however, is it takes a long time to finish a painting because you’re having to wait for each layer of paint to dry before starting the next one.

I manged to complete eight before Nicolas was born, and somehow found the time to finish the ninth about a month later, and they were worth every bit of effort 🙂

acrylic paintings

The finishing touches

Once I’d finished all of the accessories and paintings etc, all I had left to do was finish the last few bits like painting the furniture, laying the carpet and adding any little decorative bits. By now I had about a week left before Nicolas was due, and it took every last bit of energy I had to finish it. But it was so worth the effort, because once it was finished it looked even better than I had ever imagined it would be! Most importantly Jacob loved his new room! He ran around exploring everything, and nothing was left untouched!

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Six months on and I still adore Jacob’s room. Every time I walk in there I think to myself “wow! I did this!” I’m so proud of myself for completing it, and I hope as he gets older he keeps loving it!

– E x


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  1. Barbara Prowse 19th September 2016 at 8:07 am #

    Emily, you clever, wonderful Granddaughter. Just wish I lived near you and could see the room for myself. Do you have a Woodland path for Jacobs cars and things? Love the “tree of life”, it’s one of my favourite motifs -see my church gear!

    Love you all, big woolly hug to the boys. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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