Grimm’s 12 Piece Rainbow

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Paying Homage to the Wonderful World of Grimm’s

I thought it was only right to dedicate my first post in this section to the most excellent Grimm’s toys, and start off with my absolute favourite of ALL Grimm’s toys (and trust me there are many to choose from!) – I’m talking of course about the 12 piece rainbow!

About this toy- what makes it special?

One of the many things I love about Grimm’s is that the quality of their products is of the highest standard. Each toy is unique as they’re all carved from a single piece of wood, and so each beautiful toy has its own individual markings and imperfections (if you can call them that); this is because of the variations in the grain of the wood. It’s like each toy has its own unique fingerprint! <3

All Grimm’s toys are painted in a non-toxic wood stain, which gives them that beautiful vibrant finish.

Why the Grimm’s rainbow is so excellent

It encourages creativity and imaginative play

The Grimm’s rainbows are so wonderful because they can be so many things! They can be a building or tower, and they can be used as tunnels for cars and trains to go through (this is a particular favourite with Jacob).

I’ve seen people build doll’s houses, use them as cradles for baby dolls and bears; and even use the arches as walls and fences in a zoo for any homeless animals or dinosaurs hiding in the toybox.

The toy isn’t just for children

I won’t lie, Jacob isn’t the only one who sits and plays with this toy! There are loads of challenging structures out there that you can try and build. It’s so fun constructing all of the different shapes and breaking into a sweat any time anyone breathes near it for fear that it’ll collapse.

Basically it’s just an all-round fun toy, there’s so many things you can do with it. Especially if you add the semicircles to it to make big chunky structures! Add these to the rainbow arches and you can have a tall skyscraper instantly!

Finally, it’s just beautiful to look at!

The whole Grimm’s range is so colourful and vibrant. The colours are so rich and deep, I honestly don’t think I’ve come across another brand of wooden toy where the colours are so lush and rich.

All of the Grimm’s rainbows are gorgeous, but the 12 piece really is the crown jewel of the range. It’s just so beautiful and always brightens up the room! Even if your smalls don’t end up playing with it, it’ll make a beautiful ornament 😉

The 12 piece ranges from around £45- £60 depending on where you buy it. But honestly this is most definitely worth every penny!

This toy is so charming and of such a high quality, it’s one of those things I can imagine hanging onto, even after my boys have grown up, in the hope of one day handing it down to my grandchildren.

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