Grimm’s Ball Run Assembly Set

This week I’ll be writing about something I’ve had on my wish list for longer than I can remember – the Grimm’s rainbow ball run assembly set14885790_10155489640083986_1917097569_n

I can’t explain how excited I was to get this beautiful toy for the boys (and myself), and when it  arrived I was not disappointed. This little beauty is not only stunning to look at but is great fun for little kids and big kids alike!
The ball run is self assembly, and although it takes a little while to build it,
that in itself can be a fun family activity where adults and children can get involved and help each other build something beautiful 🙂
The fact that it’s self assembly is also gr14885814_10155489640068986_204166368_neat as you can group the colours of the tracks together or totally personalise it and build it as you’d want it by creating different coloured patterns on the track. I myself chose to have the colours blocked together as I love the traditional rainbow look- but the wonderful thing about this toy is you can build it to suit your own tastes 🙂

Like all Grimm’s toys the ball run is of the very highest quality, it’s sturdy and very colourful and vibrant, it really is a thing of beauty and I will admit I bought this with Christmas in mind but it is yet to be stashed away in the cupboard 😉

The ball run measures 47cm tall, so it’s a fairly large toy, but I personally am grateful for this as it means that not only can marbles etc go down it but small cars can too (Jacob was very happy about that!)

14958501_10155489642648986_768771667_nObviously the ball run works at its best when marbles, beads, bells and balls are used with it- but it’s great fun testing out different items to see what works with it 🙂
For small children this toy is perfect, their fascination Seems to grow the more they play with it. Jacob was transfixed watching the little jingle bells roll down the rainbow tracks.
The ball run comes with 4 bells which make a gorgeous tinkling sound as they roll down the tracks see link to Babi Pur demo here, but it also works with wooden balls and round beads and marbles too.

Retailing in-between  £85-100 it is at the top end of the budget, but like all Grimm’s toys it lasts a long time and will provide years of play, I always consider Grimm’s toys to be an investment as they’re something I’ll hold on to for future babies or even grandchildren!

I can’t recommend this toy enough, I waited so long to own this beautiful toy and I couldn’t wait until the boys were old enough to fully appreciate it, but I can honestly say that the wait was well worth it!

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