Halloween, Celebration Rings, and New Traditions

14886146_10155492451563986_110786641_nAhh Halloween, I think there’s quite a divide between those who love it and those who hate it. Halloween is not for everyone, I know. Many people think it’s too commercial, too Americanised and many disagree with the notion of children knocking on stranger’s doors begging for sweets. I can understand that, I appreciate that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea; but for us as a family it’s the next best thing to Christmas.

Let me start by saying that for us Halloween is not about the silly costumes, the sweets (our children are too young to trick or treat anyway), or the goriness that seems to come packaged with the holiday. For us it’s a fun family day- and it’s very special. I don’t know why Halloween means as much to me as it does, growing up my parents didn’t celebrate it and I wasn’t allowed to trick or treat until I was about 11, but once I hit 15/16 it seemed to suddenly 14937155_10155492452213986_857364622_nmatter.

October is my favourite time of year, even above December. There’s something about the atmosphere, there’s such electricity in the air (not to mention a chill), like something is building up, the cold crisp wind makes you long for cosy evenings in pjs with hot chocolate and chunky slippers (well it does for me anyway).

What I love most about this time of year is the Vibrancy and colour of everything. The colours of autumn are stunning, and everywhere you look there are the most magnificent oranges, yellows, browns and reds. I love going for walks and feeling the crunch of dead leaves and frost underfoot, yes October really is the most magical time of the year for me- I honestly am at my happiest in this one month 🙂

The build up to Halloween is seems to go too quickly, I always find that October flies by and before you know it it’s November. The night before Halloween I always get very excited and sit and plan what we will do the next day, what films we will watch, what games we play etc. I know many people will think I’m silly for being so excitable about it, but I just can’t help it.

14958258_10155492451518986_696324166_nThis Halloween is the first year that we are a complete family, last Halloween I was very pregnant with Nicolas and Jacob was just a little tot who didn’t really understand much about what was going on. This year marked the start of new family traditions which I was keen to start while the boys were young so that it could be something they grow up with and look forward to.

This Halloween we had a great feast, lots of cakes, chocolate and picky party foods. We listened to music, adorned the place with candles and raised a glass to those who are no longer with us, (well, I did- Rhys found that a bit too morbid). We also started a new tradition this year, I decided to buy a Grimm’s wooden celebration ring with little Halloween themed figures from our lovely local organic brands store Babi Pur. I wanted something that doubled as a centrepiece on special occasions and also as an educational and interactive toy for us as a family to use.

This is by far the best spontaneous purchase I’ve made in a very long time! It was great fun choosing the little figures to go in it, we chose a moon, black cat, bat, ghost, fox and pumpkin, which all looked beautiful in the celebration ring with the beeswax candles. It was lovely because Jacob got involved too, as I place14961421_10155492451788986_1453131606_nd each figure and lit each candle I explained to him what Halloween meant to us and why I love it so much. As they get older Jacob and Nicolas will be able to get involved more and choose what figures they want, and decorate it as they want too (or that’s my hope).

The pictures do not do this beauty any justice, it really looked so stunning when it was all lit up. I’ll definitely be getting the celebration ring out on every occasion- birthdays, Christmas, bonfire night, the start of a new season, and (if we can remember) the start of a new month. I think it’s a great idea, not only are the little figures you can buy for the range of celebration rings totally adorable and beautifully made, but they are a fun and interactive way to teach your littles about the changing seasons and what they (and the holidays associated with them) are all about!

This Halloween marked the start of a great new family tradition for us, it really was incredibly special
this year, more so than any other we’ve had so far. It’s great that Jacob is on his way to really understanding what it’s about now, and Nic won’t be far behind!

-E x


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