Holztiger Wooden Toys Review

When I first started my journey into Eco parenting and began researching the different brands of ethical wooden toys, one brand that kept popping up time and time again was the Holztiger range.

I remember every time I saw them I didn’t pay them much attention and scrolled on, I never thought they looked like much and (if I’m honest) I didn’t think they looked that great.

That was my opinion of Holztiger until we actually owned our first figure!

It was my my eldest son Jacob’s second Christmas and a good friend came to visit with a Christmas present for him. She had been to our favourite local ethical children’s goods shop Babipur, so I was as excited to see what she’d picked for Jacob as he was!

When we opened the wrapping there they were: two little Holztiger figures, a fox and a toadstool. Ally had picked these especially for Jacob as his newly decorated room was woodland theme (see craft section).
I actually couldn’t believe that these two beautiful little figures were the same thing that I’d seen online countless times before. I was instantly in love- I couldn’t believe how much I loved them, and Jacob was instantly besotted with them too!

The first important point I want to make to anyone who is considering these figures but aren’t sure: the product pictures released by Holztiger don’t do the toys any justice.

Of course official product pictures released by companies are going to be highly polished and shiny, and while that usually works well for most things, I personally feel that with Holztiger it kind of takes away the charm of their figures. I have learned that these are so much more beautiful when customers have taken pictures of them themselves- the charm and individual character of each figure is restored and you can suddenly see why these toys are so sought after.

Here’s some pictures kindly shared by other adoring Holztiger customers:

After receiving our beautiful present from Ally I knew that from then on I would be hooked on these lovely toys, because since then we have gained another fox, an elephant and a zebra 🙂 I find the craftsmanship of the Holztiger range is of such a high quality, the paintwork is intricate, vibrant and totally beautiful. You will honestly find that once you have one or two you will want more, you’ll suddenly find that a whole Noah’s ark will need to be populated, a forest play set can’t be complete without a running fox and fir tree, and as for the nativity set? You’ve got no chance ignoring it, you’ll just have to own it.

Like all of the other wonderful toys I’ve written about, The Holztiger range is made by hand and are beautifully crafted and are of a very high quality. The figures are all made in Europe from maple and beech wood and are painted with great quality wood stain. The prices of the Holztiger figures can range from £2-40 depending on what figures you buy and where, want to have a look? You can check out their range here.

I am so glad that Jacob received his first Holztiger figures that Christmas, had my friend not bought them I doubt he’d have any today. They really are so beautiful and charming and very cute, I can honestly say that from now on every Christmas and birthday will be greeted with a new figure to add to our collection 🙂

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