Introducing the wonderful world of Babi Pur

There are many shops and online stores that I like, and like most parents I really do love spoiling my boys 🙂 I just love looking at all of the different wooden toys and gorgeous clothes (not to mention all of the amazing cloth nappies) that I could get for them.

So whenever I have a few spare pennies, my first port of call for all things organic, ethical and fair trade is BabiPur!

About Babi Pur Babi Pur logo

Babi Pur is an online based shop set up in North Wales and is a leading retailer of gorgeous organic and fair trade baby and children’s goodies. It was set up by husband and Wife Peter and Jolene, who with two small girls in tow built up this wonderful business, all from their kitchen table!

Babi Pur is a wonderful company with a huge supply of ethical products for the whole family, and are often the first choice for many people all over the world!

My Guilty Pleasure

Babi Pur is an online shop, however they do need somewhere to safely store all of that gorgeous stock of theirs, and what do you know? Their warehouse is not far away from where I live! Lucky me! 😉

The wonderful staff who work so hard there are always so kind and do let people in to buy bits in person, and let me tell you- this place is awesome! It’s like an Aladdin’s cave for all things children!

Whenever I’m in the area I make sure to pop in and wander around, I’ll look around wide eyed for ages at all of the beautiful stuff there is to offer, and no; I have never left the place empty handed. It would just not feel right!

If you’re not lucky enough to visit Babi Pur  in person and are eager to receive your gorgeous orders bursting with wonderful goodies, be assured they post out straight away and your order is received quicker than any online retailer I’ve ever shopped with!

Why we love Babi Pur

Their stuff is so beautiful and there’s something for everyone

Yes, Babi Pur really do have an eye for gorgeous toys, clothes, nappies and other ethical goods; so much so that when you visit their website you will find yourself on there for ages! There are so many categories of products from wooden toys for small kids, teethers and play gyms for babies, wooden kitchens, ride-ons, dress up; and so much more! You’ll never be stuck for ideas for Christmas presents again!

As well acloth nappiess toys Babi Pur also sell organic clothes by popular brands such as Frugi, Maxomorra and Piccalilly, as well as many others. They also sell many beautiful brands of cloth nappies; as well as clothes for mum, reusable menstrual products and much more!

Basically, you could lose hours of your life in their shop, be it online or in person; and your pocket will be considerably lighter; but that’s ok- because you’ll have so much beautiful stuff afterwards! 😀

T12193399_10153639642230600_6765144258649056929_nheir customer service is amazing13428507_10154153088745600_9129784652611503713_n

Yup it really is. It doesn’t matter what your question is they will make sure they answer it. Whether it’s a general enquiry about the stock of an item, price of delivery; or wanting to have help with a product you have already purchased- they will always get back to you. I love this about them, I’m one of those pain in the back customers who always seems to have a million questions to ask about various things regarding stock and orders etc, and bless them they always answer me back- and are always so friendly 🙂

Because Babi Pur is a small Family run company it means they are not running the place like a bunch of boring corporate robots like some companies; they are real people who have a serious passion for what they do and they actually care about their customers.

Their passion for what they do shines through every product they sell12985438_10154010045610600_7799375950584002445_n

When you visit their website, facebook page, instagram, or their twitter page  you will notice that every description, every picture and every post is so enthusiastic and cheerful. They love what they do, they love what they sell and most importantly they are happy doing it! I love that their website and social network pages are so personal, they often post pictures of the staff and their children, they always have fun playing with the products; and always put so much passion into everything they do, and I love that about them 🙂

So why not check out their shop, I think in many ways you’ll both curse and thank me, but you’ll not regret it, that’s for sure 😉

Until next time

– E x

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