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This week I’m going to be writing about a fantastic little WAHM business called Kinder Feet. This fab shop, run by WAHM Evi Temple makes and sells ethical and environmentally friendly clothes and shoes for children. This month Nicolas and I have been very lucky to be able to test out a pair of beautiful soft shoes to  review 🙂14691167_1122202334528537_5476875607361322729_o

A little bit about the product

Kinder feet is a wonderful business that follows the ethical and sustainable ethos fiercely. All products are made by hand by owner Evi, who is also branching out to sustainable children’s clothing too. I love the name of the company, as its a very clever play on words. Evi was born and grew up in Passau, Germany and as such the ‘kinder’ of Kinder feet has a double meaning which reflects both her German roots- as kinder is German for children, as well as ‘kinder’ in English, representing her products being kinder to little feet 🙂
The soft shoes Kinder Feet make are made from the most Eco-friendly leather available on the market, the leather used to make these beautiful shoes are produced and dyed using natural substances, meaning your child’s feet are kept cosy in the softest materials that are both kind to their skin and the environment, as well as being free from chemicals and other nasties.10360901_692204757528299_1922478821770182197_n

The materials used to make the kinder feet range of shoes and clothes are 100% traceable and carefully sourced, this is something creator Evi feels very passionate about, she also makes sure that her clothes and shoes are made from fair trade products that don’t use child labour in any step of the production process.

From the moment I saw kinder feet pop up on one of my WAHM communities on Facebook I contacted Evi straight away, as I loved what she and her business were about and just *had* to write about it! I loved how passionate she was about her products and how they were made. I found it so refreshing to see how concerned she was about the way many fabrics were produced, with many manufacturers r15211606_10155569868963986_1748858466_nelying on cheap labour and exploiting their workers.

Well of course we just had to test these beauts out for ourselves! Nic started crawling at about 8 months old and now he’s nine months he’s cruising everywhere, he’ll only crawl if he has to- otherwise he makes his way around a room walking (whilst grabbing anything he can for balance). So of course it was time that he had his first pair of soft shoes.

Now I appreciate that not everyone will agree with me here, and that’s fine, but there’s one thing I really dislike and that’s shoes on babies who aren’t yet crawling or walking. I don’t like them as decoration, even soft shoes; as I personally believe babies don’t need them until they are mobile. I know they look cute and all, but I just don’t like to think of those lovely little toes being squished up unnecessarily in shoes that serve no purpose. Jacob didn’t have his first pair of shoes until he was 10/11 months old and was walking. Otherwise it was bare/socked feet everywhere.

And so with Nic we wanted to do the same thing and wait until he actually *needed* some kind of footwear.

Since the boy is not far off walking we figured now was the time- and who better to make his first ever pair of soft shoes but Kinder feet! 🙂

I’ve always loved the leather soft shoes, I’ve always admired their design and quality and always kicked myself that I never bought a pair for Jacob when he became mobile,  (I went for moccasins instead which seemed like a good idea at the time); so when we received our little goodie bag from aunty Evi in the post I was so excited to see Nic in them!

And oh my word …

They really were something. Oh miss Temple you weren’t lying when you said they were super soft! I’ve never felt leather like it! When I think of leather I think of a cold bumpy material, ‘cosy’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind when I think of leather usually, but the leather that these shoes are made from is like none I’ve come across before. The material is so warm and smooth and incredibly soft. The colours are beautiful and vibrant, and the crafting of the shoes down to the last stitch are an amazing quality and finish.

Nic’s little squishy feet slipped into these shoes perfectly, they didn’t bother him at all (Jacob *hated* shoes at one point), and they are fitted with a little elastic over the inside of the front  to allow them to move and adjust to baby’s feet. There’s even room to grow in these which is excellent. Not only are these shoes super gorgeous and  cosy but the way the shoes are presented and packaged is lovely too, Nic’s shoes came in a gorgeous little cotton pull string bag to keep them safe, it’s just such a lovely touch 🙂

What I love about WAHM clothing is that almost everything can be customised, Kinder Feet’s shoes are no exception. You can buy ready made ones or order a custom pair in a style that suits your taste and your little’s personality 🙂

You can check out their range here, and you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

I’m so glad that Nic’s first shoes came from this amazing little company, the softness of the fabric means that he’s comfortable as he explores his world, and since they stretch and adjust to his feet he barely even notice that he’s wearing them 🙂 Soft leather shoes are an excellent first for baby footwear, letting them cruise around in these will make the transition from soft shoes to a more permanent pair of shoes when they’re walking much easier for them and you!

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