Our experiences of the wonderful Tickle Tots Nappies

Following my introductory piece on cloth nappies and why it’s great to use them, I figured it was only right that I talk about the different nappy brands out there to help you guys decide what brand is right for you (if you’re new to cloth) or for those more seasoned users to maybe try something new from your usual favourites. Well to kick this section off I’m starting with a fairly new (but utterly fabulous) brand, tickle tots. 12814495_895408127238673_9169321400023268012_n

I’m already a proud owner of a couple of their previous ranges, however; this week I’ve been so lucky to be able review one of their beautiful nappies from their new range!

I couldn’t wait to try out their new tickle tots 2’s busy bees nappy, as I’d always loved how well their previous lines worked for us, (the whale print is my personal favourite), and as I predicted, I wasn’t disappointed!

A little bit about them

Tickle Tots was born in 2012 when busy mum of two Sophia Ferguson decided to create her own brand of cloth nappy, as the brands out there at the time didn’t quite work for her and her babies. Sophia wanted to create a nappy that was super absorbent but stayed slim and stylish, as well as providing a good fit from birth to potty.

Sophia was already the owner of Little Fox Clothing, making tweed baby carriers; and so her experience and knowledge of babies’ products transferred over brilliantly into the clothnappy industry.12308823_842093655903454_2503037779253932816_n

Why I love them

I remember when I first saw a Tickle Tots nappy, I was browsing the various ranges of nappies on the shelf in my local organic kids goods store, when one nappy that I’d never seen before caught my eye. It was love at first sight for myself and my partner Rhys when we laid eyes on the beautiful and bold Whale print. I loved how vibrant and bold the print was, how cute the little whale characters were, and how slim the nappy seemed to be. Usually most nappies are quite bulky for one reason or another, but this was like nothing we’d really seen before with cloth nappies.

I’m always keen to try new brands and so we bought it straight away. I can honestly say I’ve never once regretted buying it. Apart from the fact that Nicolas looks totally adorable in their nappies, I’ve noticed that the tickle tots nappies don’t seem to leak! I usually have to boost a lot of Nic’s nappies with microfiber or bamboo inserts, but it’s never been necessary with this brand.

How did the new tickle tots 2 nappy work out for us?

When it arrived I could straight away see differences between the new nappy and the older ones, while the designs were still stunning and the nappy slimline, I noticed that the inserts were very different between the new one and the old.
The older versions have an insert sewn in, and a thinner one which inserts into the pocket section. In the new nappy that was different, the inserts were thicker – the smaller insert being made from 3 layers of bamboo fleece with a suede cloth top, and the bigger booster being made with 4 layers of bamboo fleece and a suede cloth top. I noticed that in this version the inserts could be removed and snapped in place. I found this a lot easier when it came to washing them, and was I especially happy when I realised that they dried much quicker now that the inserts could be removed.

Best of all the nappy lasted a lot longer and Nic seemed to stay dry a lot longer with the new inserts and layout, not to mention the double leg gussets – all of which combine to make which leaks a very rare thing 😉

And finally of course I can’t not write about how utterly adorable the new prints are! We were sent the busy bees print, the little bees look so cute as they whizz about the fluffy clouds 🙂

Tickle Tots have a gorgeous website where you can check out their stuff and read about their journey, they are also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

For those of you who are trying cloth for the first time and don’t know what nappies to get, I would always recommend tickle tots. Their nappies are beautiful in design and excellent as they are super soft, don’t leak and are a perfect fit- adjusting well with baby’s shape and movements.
And for those of you who are looking to try something new from your tried and tested favourites, give these nappies a go! You may well just find a new favourite 😉

-E X


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