Our top 5 fave Grimm’s buys

Recently we have been on a bit of a binge with our Grimm’s buys… is that wrong? I cant see how when Grimm’s make so many beautiful things 😉 Our favourite stockists of Grimm’s toys and other amazing ethical/sustainable kid’s products is Babi Pur.

So this week, I thought I’d do a little run down of our favourite Grimm’s finds, I find real-life pics and product reviews very handy when I’m trying to decide what to buy for the boys 🙂

Here’s our top 5 favourite Grimm’s buys that we have recently taken off Babi Pur’s hands 😉

1) Grimm’s Monochrome Friends in a boat

These little beauties are the very first monochrome Grimm’s set we’ve ever bought, I’d never much fancied them if I’m honest; and yet one evening I happened to see them on Bp’s website and suddenly saw them in a different light. I thought to myself “sod it, they look very sweet, I’ll give them a go”… and I’m so glad I did! When these little guys arrived I was very impressed with how vibrant they were, the white and black stain seemed to glow as they were that bright. The little patterns on their bodies are gorgeous; and I decided to dub them ‘the witch (black one with white spots), the wizard (white one with stars), and the student (plain black one), as that’s what they reminded me of.

Instantly these little peg dolls had their own identities to me and the boys and it was great fun acting out their little roles with Jacob – and that’s what  I love most about these is that they can be anything. In this particular game, they were magic folk. But next time who knows what they would be- they’ve already been passengers is several of Jacob’s cars 😉 Well worth the money (around £14.95). The possibilities are endless with these little folks 🙂

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2 & 3) Grimm’s stacking flower tower and celebration figures

Over time we have collected many celebration ring figures to adorn our celebration ring on special occasions, the changing of the seasons and national holidays.

However; once used they would be packed away in the cupboard until they would be needed for the next big occasion. I felt it was a shame that the boys weren’t being given the opportunity to enjoy these beautiful little figures all year round, and so i decided to invest in the Grimm’s stacking flower tower. I chose this because it is a two in one toy – not only can it be stacked like the other tower toys, but each section has holes for celebration figures. I was so pleased when it arrived- I wasted no time in digging the figures out and laying them out ready for my eldest for when he arrived back from playgroup.

Needless to say- he loved them! In fact, they both do. Jacob and Nicolas both sit at their little table and carefully place their little figures in the flower pieces, it keeps them occupied for so long; so bonus points to Grimm’s there 😉

We absolutely love this toy, not only does it look totally beautiful, but its lovely and chunky and provides countless varied hours of play. And now that the boys can play with the celebration pieces all year round- we of course went out and bought some more celebration figures to accompany the flower tower …it just had to be done. 😉

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4) Grimm’s small sorting helper

This has to be my absolute favourite out of all the bits and pieces from the Grimm’s range that we have bought recently. Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s so useful and like most Grimm’s toys it can be so many things!

At first the boxes were towers, and then they were frequently used as garages for some of Jacob’s favourite cars; but now they are used for what they were intended- as a desk tidy. These beautiful boxes make the most perfect storage solution for the boy’s celebration ring figures. Now the boy’s table looks so lovely and colourful; they are well worth the money 😉

These little beauties come to about £42, however; with the amount of use and fun we get out of them one way or another- they are well worth it!


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5) Grimm’s Rainbow friends

The rainbow friends had been on my Babi Pur wishlist since I first discovered Grimm’s. Well this month I finally relented and bought some, and they’re so cute! Like the monochrome friends, these little guys can be anyone and do anything in the wonderful mind of a child- their imaginations show no bounds, and neither do the rainbow friends. And of course, as they are by Grimm’s; they match the 12 piece rainbow perfectly 🙂

All Grimm’s toys are made from various types of excellent quality wood including alder, maple and lime and are coloured with non toxic stains. They are utterly beautiful toys and have always been one of my absolute favourite brands.

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