Plan Toys Balancing Boat

With Christmas just around the corner I’ll be posting a fair few articles about some our favourite toy brands, and I’ll also be reviewing several different toys that we have had the pleasure of testing for our lovely go-to store for all things ethical and organic in children’s products, Babi pur. 🙂
If you’re stuck for ideas for what to buy for your smalls that’s both fun and educational then I think I have found you a little gem 😉

Today’s post is all about the Plan Toys balancing boat. I have to say, this is an absolutely fabulous game to buy and will be sure to be a massive hit with your little ones, it definitely was with ours, and like many of the beautiful wooden toys out there, it’s an amazing quality item.

The set comes with a chunky colour dice, wooden tweezers, a wooden boat platform and 12 different coloured wooden animals which include alligators, sheep and giraffes.

The object of the game is to balance the animals very carefully on the little rocking boat without any of them falling. Sound easy? Not quite- the challenge is you have to stack them on top of each other using the little wooden tweezers provided, and believe me it ain’t easy 😉 It’s great fun though- everyone takes a turn and rolls the dice and whatever colour it lands on is the colour animal you have to try and stack without the whole thing falling down.
We loved this game, I thought Jacob was excited until I witnessed daddy have his turn!


14938070_10155489477708986_596029561_nThis game is excellent for children to help learn their fine motor skills, it helps with learning colours and is great with teaching your little ones to polish up on their concentration skills (not always the easiest task with a 2/3 year old!)

This set is suitable from ages 3+, although younger children will still enjoy playing with it, but always supervise them while they do. Although Jacob is 2.5 years old he adores this game, not only does he enjoy stacking the animals, but he loves identifying the different colours and animals too! 🙂

The balancing boat retails at about £15-£17 depending on where you buy it, so it’s a great and affordable price, and considering all the play time you will get out of it I think the price is more than reasonable.

This is available to buy from Babipur, the UK’s leading ethical toy supplier, why not pop over and have a look for yourself 🙂

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