Plan Toys Sort & Count Cups Review

As Chris14958277_10155496446318986_1069501982_ntmas will be here in a blink of an eye (or it certainly feels that way!) I’ll be reviewing some of the beautiful wooden and organic toys and games out there to help you choose some excellent and high quality goodies for your little ones!

Today I’ll be writing about the Plan Toys sort and count cups. What I love about Plan Toys is what they’re made of- every toy is made from recycled wood sawdust and are coloured with Eco paints, so you know that what you’re buying is great quality, non toxic and isn’t harmful to the environment 🙂


We had a lot of fun playing with this fab toy, it’s a 14937958_10155496446308986_963613129_nwonderful and chunky toy and is excellent for teaching your little ones about colours and helping them to learn to count. The set comes with 5 different coloured cups and matching counters which are a perfect size for little hands. Suitable for children aged 18 months +, this set is a great addition to any toy box and offers hours of play.

Like most small children, Jacob loves to line up, stack and sort his toys. My mum has a wall in her garden with lots of little gems hiding in the cracks, and Jacob loves to hunt them and sort them out in his little bucket, so I knew he would love this game 🙂

It can be a real struggle trying to teach your little ones colours and numbers in a fun way without the risk of them getting bored too quickly; what I love about this game is that that doesn’t seem to happen.

The beauty of this lovely toy is that it’s so versatile,not only can it be used for l14962485_10155496446423986_33985321_nearning colours and numbers14961535_10155496446468986_1152032509_n but it encourages creativity and imagination in children as the cups and counters can become anything. Once Jacob had had enough of playing the game as it was intended, he then decided that the counters were now food, and the cups were the plates; we ate well that night- what a great feast the counters make! 😉

For older children this is an excellent
aid in helping with their maths skills, helping them to understand how to add, subtract and divide in a fun way (which lets face it is much needed when it comes to maths!) The sort and count cups cost just under £16 – buy them here. The price is great for what you get and would make an excellent Christmas or birthday present as it’s a great multi-purpose toy that will provide hours of fun and stimulating play for your little ones!

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