Reducing plastic waste : Reusable food storage solutions

Today more than ever all we see is the awful result of over use of plastics and the harmful waste they produce. Many of us recognise (myself included) that the amount of plastic packaging covering our groceries, the disposable plastics used in takeaway drinks and foods, as well as the various plastics in many of our everyday cleaning and domestic products are clogging up the seas, killing and endangering wildlife and filling up landfills. It’s so sad that it has come to this, with free accessibility to the internet and social media in most places, and that fact that almost everyone has a camera phone of some sort means that now more than ever we are seeing the awful effects that the over use of plastics, and mass environmental pollution as a result of excessive waste on a huge scale is having.

With this in mind, now more than ever so many of us are trying to reduce our waste and plastic use, recycle more and find more environmentally friendly alternatives to plastics.

The fab thing is there are several wonderful companies and stockists who recognise there’s a problem and work hard to turn out beautiful eco-friendly alternatives to the products we use everyday that aren’t necessarily very good for us or our planet.

Today I’ll be reviewing a couple of products by two such companies, as well as offering other alternatives to these. The two products I’ve had the pleasure to review are the Abeego beeswax food wraps- a great alternative to cling film and foil; and the gorgeous Keep Leaf  baggies which are fab solutions to plastic sandwich bags. These two gorgeous brands and many more are stocked,  Danu World  -who  are part of the Babame group).

Abeego Beeswax wraps

I’ve wanted to try these beauties for ages, and so when I offered to try some I jumped at the chance! I’m going to be honest- there’s one type of waste we are very guilty of in this house, and that’s food waste. My two boys are (almost four) and two, and oh my word do they waste food! A half eaten apple here, an unfinished lunch there… and don’t even get me started on dinners! And so more often than none we do have a lot of food waste one way or another. This drives me absolutely mad! I don’t routinely keep cling film in the house, nor do I keep any Tupperware anymore, and so a lot of food just goes straight in the bin, and when I do keep food in the fridge for later it always goes dry or ends up tasting like the fridge because it’s not covered.

So when I tried these wraps I was so massively impressed, and quite excited at the prospect of not wasting quite so much food, not to mention bye-bye sub-par leftovers!

The Abeego wraps are ethically made, sustainable, breathable and compostable, and make a great alternative to alternative to cling film, plastic bags, foil and sandwich bags.

What I love about these beauties is that they are totally natural- meaning they’re very safe to us and the environment, and don’t leach any nasty chemicals into the foods they’re used with. They’re incredibly convenient too as they are very malleable and self adhesive- which means you can wrap them in anything and they stay put (instead of slowly unravelling open like the less friendly versions do). So if you’re like me and have two toddlers who like to only eat half an apple at a time these are the perfect product for you as the wraps will keep them perfectly fresh until later 🙂

The set I tried was the set of 3 different sizes, which I found incredibly useful, as the smaller wraps are great for unfinished snacks while the bigger ones are better for leftovers from dinner to have for lunch the next day.

I’m so happy I’ve found these beauties, they really are fab and so much better than cling film or other non-friendly alternatives. I fell safe using them, my food tastes better; and I’m no longer worrying about what the impact of what plastic alternatives are having on my health; not to mention how much better they are for our planet 🙂 I’ll keep using my beeswax wraps and I can guarantee I’ll never look back.

If you’re interested in other sizes how about the medium pack ?

Keep Leaf reusable baggies

The first thing I have to point out about these baggies is that **they’re soo prettyy!** The designs are absolutely adorable, they’re so bright and colourful- meaning not only do they appeal to colour obsessed people like me, but little’uns too!

Keep Leaf baggies are a fab alternative to plastic sandwich baggies and are great to keep your snacks in when you’re out and about and on the go,and perfect for lunch boxes. Keep leaf baggies are:

  • Fair Trade
  • Machine washable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free
  • 100% Organic Cotton

I have been trying out the large keep leaf baggie in the bloom print, which I think has to be my favourite print, it’s just so summery and pretty 🙂 Although I do also love the funky robot print too 😉

I found this baggie really handy when I went out this weekend, I went out walking in the (rather uncharacteristic for North Wales) sushine, and my Keep leaf bag came out with me keeping my naked bar and grapes safe 🙂

I absolutely love these gorgeous bags, I’m going to use them every time I go out; and I have come to the firm conclusion that this baggie is*mine* and my two terrors aren’t allowed to put their mucky mitts on it; so it looks like I’ll have to get one each for them too. *Sigh, what a shame 😉

Like the idea but want something bigger? How about the Planet Wise Zip sandwich bag?

Not sure about these? How about the A slice of Green large lunch box and mini container?

Although it’s both shocking and upsetting how bad the waste situation on this planet has become, it’s nice to know that we don’t have to keep contributing to it. Thanks to all of the fab products out there that offer an excellent alternative to the not-so-good old solutions, we can know that we don’t have to ruin the environment while going about our day-to-day lives. The food we cook and the way we store and preserve it doesn’t have to have a harmful impact anymore, it’s great to know that by using these products we are all making a small positive change, creating healthier and safer habits when it comes to what we use; and hopefully creating a greener future for our children 🙂



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