An alternative Easter activity

This month we have been having lots of fun trying out different products for our friends Babi Pur!

Amongst some of the beautiful things we bought and were given to try, we were able to discover a new fun activity that’s perfect for any time of the year, but can also make a perfect Easter themed craft project!

With Easter just around the corner (or at least going by the supermarket shelves it is), we are looking at Easter themed crafts and alternative Easter gifts, as a fun and healthier alternative to chocolate; and we have found a few good’uns 😉

So this month, we were lucky enough to try out the Okonorm natural egg dyes, which were great fun to use, and a lovely open-ended crafty activity to do with the smalls!

We have used other Okonorm products in the past and have loved their excellent quality, and the egg dyes were no different.

The dyes are made with natural ingredients that aren’t harmful to us or the environment. I was really impressed with how strong the colours came out considering they had no chemicals in them which are usually added to aid intense colour.

The kit comes with 5 sachets with different colours, yellows, reds, oranges and greens 🙂 I had two yellow sachets (different shades) and I’ll give you a handy tip right now:

Do not use a wooden spoon to stir your dyes because the colour sinks into the spoon which may effect other colours. Second of all do not use the same spoon to stir all of the different colours (for the same reason). That’s how I ended up with orange eggs and not yellow ones! 🙁

Other than that, the dying process was very easy and straightforward, and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The longer you leave the eggs in the colour the more dark and intense they become – I left mine in for longer than the instructions said and they came out very intense!

Obviously the actual dying process requires you to boil the eggs (which are safe to eat even after being dyed, yum), and so this part isn’t really safe for the smells to join in with. However, once the eggs are dyed it creates a great open ended craft session, as the eggs can be decorated in lots of different ways wit lots of different things e.g paint, feathers, glitter even permanent markers!

We went for modelling clay- as they made very cute (and silly) little characters. For this we used the Okonorm natural modelling clay, which moulded brilliantly onto the eggs.

Being that this is an Easter themed article I of course couldn’t resist making a chicken and rabbit as my own silly way of showing what these products can do 😉

This kit is absolutely fantastic when it comes to value for money, at £3.95 it’s a great affordable little project/ activity to do with these children or by yourself!

I’ll most definitely be getting these again, and I’ll make sure I have a pack ready for an Easter activity! Next time I’ll use white eggs (as the colour is a lot brighter and more pastel like) and perhaps we’ll be *really* brave and dig the paints out 😉 Wish me luck…

Little Add-Ons…

If you’re looking for other Easter- themed goodies to replace the chocolate eggs, why not get some of these?

All of these beautiful products and more can be found here.


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