The Beautiful Creations from the World of Bajo

Of all the beautiful brands of wooden toys I’ve had the pleasure to acquaint myself with since having children, one brand I wasn’t very familiar with was BAJO.
It wasn’t 15134437_10155547576118986_704814855_nuntil I was given a gift box of products from Babi Pur to review that discovered this beautiful brand,  as one of the products in it was the the BAJO jumping horses.

What I love about the BAJO brand is its ethics and how passionate they are about the environment and the sustainable ethos. They work hard to produce beautiful toys and strive to source their materials from local suppliers so as to help their local economy. Their standards are also very high when it comes to the quality of their products, the suppliers they work with must support Eco- standards of wood production, their paints are non-toxic and are based on natural components, and all of their products are hand checked.

I was very impressed when I did my research on them after we received our beautiful jumping horses. I love companies that show such passion and drive for creating sustainable products that are both visually beautiful, function brilliantly and of course ar15128577_10155547576068986_2015764130_ne kind to our environment; what’s there not to love? And of course Jacob loved them too…though I’m pretty sure he only cares about how fun it is to play with. The boy has got his priorities in the right place 😉

But for us as parents of course it’s not always as simple as that. There are so many other decisions many
of us consider when it comes to what toys to buy our children, obviously we want them to enjoy the toys we buy them, but for many of us who are conscious about the standards to which toys are made (and under what conditions they are made) it’s refreshing to come across a company that ticks all the right boxes.

What I really love about wooden  and ethically produced toys is that they often help connect children to nature (be it by their theme/ design or simply the materials they are made out of), and also that they are beautifully simple and uncomplicated, and yet so satisfying to their audience. It just goes to show that children don’15129703_10155547576213986_241223147_nt need big loud toys with lights and sound effects and whatever else, I like toys that help grow the imagination and encourage creative play- these types of toys just really do it for me.

Jacob loves his BAJO jumping horses -he loves cars and so when he saw that the horses had wheels he was very excited- as he pulled the string and watched the horses glide across the floor I watched he concentration on his face, and the fascination with how they moved. It was beautiful to watch 🙂

Since then we have welcomed more BAJO additions to our household, the BAJO Gruffalo figures. I’m a huge fan of the Gruffalo, as are the children. Not only are the stories excellent but the toys are wonderful too. When I saw that BAJO had released a range of Gruffalo toys I was so excited as I knew Jacob would love them!

We chose the BAJO Gruffalo and Mouse figures from Babi Pur. The figures are lovely and chunky, they are very sturdy and the paintwork is wonderfully detailed and perfect for story sacks. Both figures have moving arms and legs which are held in place by big chunky pegs. The detail of t15086862_10155547701403986_1931167981_nhese toys are lovely, and like all BAJO toys they are made to such a high quality and the designs are detailed and different 🙂 Here’s more of the Gruffalo range by BAJO here.

Some of the BAJO range (such as the Gruffalo figures) do cost a bit more th
an some of the other Gruffalo
toys out there, but I always think that when you buy toys that are fair trade, environmentally friendly and are made to such high standards that the price is justified. I see toys like these as an investment, something that I can hold onto for the grand kids 😉

I would recommend not just these toys but this whole brand to anyone, I know many mums who would say the same thing about this wonderful company :)-E x

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