The Woods

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Our little corner of the world

Well since his blog is called ‘Nature-Loving Mama’, I thought I should start my first journal entry with our favourite place to go: the woods.                                                                                                                        We are very lucky to live in a beautiful part of North Wales that is not only by the coast, but also surrounded by beautiful mountains. Between these are endless fields and woodlands, you’re never short of places to explore here!

Glynllifon Park

One of my absolute favourite places near us is Glynllifon Park. This is one of the most beautiful places in our area. On the site is a college, café, manor house; and loads of follies, clearings, streams and winding little paths leading to secret hideaways. There’s even a hermit house – how cool is that?!

I find this place just so magical, it’s the kind of place you could imagine fairies and other mystical creatures living. The trees are enormous and ancient, and the atmosphere is so special. Here I can forget my worries and just enjoy the wonderful quirks this place boasts and soak up the magic of nature.

Great for the kids

Rhys and I have always brought the kids here. It’s a lovely calm way to spend the afternoon, get some fresh air, and let the small one burn off some energy.

I remember Rhys and I would take Jacob here when he was very small, or I’d come here with friends and their children. I used to put Jacob in the sling and explore, all the while his little face was in awe as he’d soak in his surroundings. He’s always loved a tree, that one 🙂

Once Jacob started walking he was able to enjoy this place on a whole new level. Instead of just looking around at everything he was now able to run around on the grass and explore, he was always just so content to run up and down, squealing the whole way!

Now he’s two and a half he needs more stimulation, and this is one place that is never short of entertainment. Jacob always finds things to do here, he loves to throw rocks into the stream, and watch the little waterfall, and he loves hunting for sticks to dig in the dirt with; and always seems to find little treasures to play with (usually leaves and pinecones).

These little things he does keep him happy and entertained, they help him learn and understand his surroundings which is just so wonderful to watch. <3

Our nature babies

I just love watching my small enjoy the outdoors, it makes me beam with pride to see him enjoy nature so much! <3 Hopefully once Nicolas can crawl/walk he’ll enjoy playing here as much as his big brother does!

We are so lucky to live where we do; it’s so wonderful getting to spend our days outside and enjoying these natural treasures. They say it’s the little things that make you happy; and honestly it’s so true.

Savour every moment <3

–    E x

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