Toy Review: Bajo Mendelson Balancing Game

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, apologies for that- July was a busy month!
However, now it’s August and I’ve got a brand new (and awesome) toy to review!

Now anyone who knows me, knows I’m a self- confessed toy addict. And one of the great things about having children is that you get to buy lots of beautiful and fun toys for them (but lets be honest, kind of for us too) and then you get the joy of playing with them with the kids. I may or may not also have the occasional play with some of their toys when they go to bed too… ) * ahem* now I know it’s not just me who does that 😉

So this month I’m reviewing a really fab toy from the gorgeous ethical toy company Bajo. I’ve written an article about this fabulous company and their amazing toys in the past, view here.

My newest find from Bajo are the Mendelson stacking figures, which we bought from our friends over at Babipur.

This toy is so much fun and provides loads of entertainment for children and adults.

Me and the boys played with the Mendelsons for ages when they arrived. Both Jacob and Nic built really quite impressive structures with the them (whilst arguing over how many they each got, *rolls eyes). I was really quite impressed with the amount of structures you can build, I was even more impressed at the fab things my boys were building with them too; they really are wonderful for encouraging creativity, problem solving and concentration.

Not just that but the Mendelsons are great for encouraging imaginative play and fine tuning those  motor skills and hand-eye coordination; as it takes a lot of concentration and care to stack tall or intricate structures.
That’s what I really love about this game, not only is it really fun but it also encourages skill building, and self discipline. The concentration I saw on my Jacob’s face when he was building his tower of people was fascinating to see- his attention span is usually pretty short, but he really put his full attention into his creation; and it’s wonderful that he has a toy that encourages that level of thought and practise ❤

I’ve had lots of fun playing with this toy too. When my dad came to stay last month we got the Mendelsons out, and while the boys played with them my dad and I joined in. We were enjoying ourselves so much that it seemed to turn into some kind of tournament between me and my dad with who could build the most impressive/big/complicated structure; with jeers and cheering accompanying each new creation. In the end the boys got fed up of me and my dad bogarting the game and left us to play on our own. Oh the shame xD

I also heard from somewhere that the Mendelsons make an excellent drinking game. I can imagine that- I haven’t tried it yet but I shall 😀

Ive noticed too, that the more you play with the Mendelsons the better and more confident you get at building structures. I’ve made several for the Babipur #MendelsonsChallenge on Instagram, and I was quite chuffed with some of the things I made and was able to create 🙂 Its great fun to incorporate other toys in with the Mendelsons too, to increase the challenge or to make beautiful mandalas.

More importantly though, is how  Nic and Jacob’s skills have improved with them . Nic especially; though the little tornado has a short fuse and gets just a tad wound up when his tower falls over, he’s actually getting really good at his balancing and fine motor skills . And the look of pride on his little face when he finishes his creations is just too adorable ❤

What makes the Mendelsons so good for stacking?

The little figures are shaped so that they can interlock very easily from many different angles and positions. There are so many different variations of structures you can make with them, which is what makes them so very addictive to play with. They’re also quite chunky, and cut from solid wood meaning they have a nice weight and width to them, enabling easy stacking and balancing. Working out how to get the weight distribution right is all it takes, and once you get the hang of it it’s so much fun challenging yourself to see what else you can make.

These toys don’t just have to be used to build stuff with, the possibilities are endless with them, which is what makes them such beautiful and versatile toys. They can be used as part of make believe games, can be used as counters for maths, for pattern making and so on. These toys  are wonderful, and will help develop children’s dexterity and hand to eye co-ordination.

Some toys really are a challenge to write a whole article on- with some things it can be hard even getting 500 words out, but writing about this lovely game has been a walk in the park. I can’t recommend these enough, they’re a popular favourite in our house and are  always being dragged out of the basket for various games.

Pesky dinosaurs

The Mendelson balancing game costs £28.96 at Babipur, and trust me- you’ll get your money’s worth very quickly!


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