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The Wonderful Creations of Caboodle Kids

This week I thought I’d write about the beautiful creations from Caboodle Kids. Caboodle Kids is a WAHM (work at home mum) business that sells beautiful hand-made children’s clothing.caboodle-kids-logo

The clothing range that Caboodle Kids supplies is wonderful. There are ready to buy stock items and also a section where you can design your own custom outfits and have them made for you, how cool is that?!

I always have great fun playing around on their website, I love choosing all of the different vibrant fabrics both flat colour and patterned, and creating lovely  combinations!

WAHM made clothes- Why we love them

I am a self-employed small business owner and since setting up my business back in 2014 I have joined many craft groups and discovered the beautiful world of WAHM-made clothes. My goodness! what had I been missing?! 14457505_10155355494968986_5061498896701361063_n

Custom clothes for individual tastes

One of the most excellent things about WAHM clothes is that you can often end up with items of clothing that are completely one of a kind and unique. Depending on what you order, (if its a custom creation) then you know that the item of clothing you have ordered is going to be a one-off and tailored just for your little one!

I think that’s pretty brilliant! It’s a really lovely feeling to know that not only are the clothes on your children’s backs very individual but that they have been made just for them and are the only ones (or one of a few) in the world that have them!

WAHM clothes are wonderful because they’re not mass-produced, which means each item has been hand made by a talented individual who enjoys what they do and take great pride in their work. 🙂 I also like to think that each item of clothing has a little bit of their creator in them 🙂

I’m sure many WAHMS who make clothing will secretly confess that they are slightly addicted to buying lots of fabulous different fabrics! Each WAHM has their own selection of different fabrics, making every WAHM made item of clothing totally unique, and revealing a little something about each of their creator’s personality.14528202_10155360830158986_426477270_n

Caboodle Kids are a testament to that, the choices of fabrics are excellent! There is so much choice, especially in the custom section of their website- it’s pretty easy to get lost in all of the different patterns and colours; and before you know it you’ve lost an hour on there!

What is special about Caboodle Kids? 14527407_10155360830028986_1084023806_n

The Caboodle Kids brand has such a beautiful selection of clothes, their style is bright and colourful and innocent (which personally I like in children’s clothes); as well as being fun and playful in their design.

Caboodle Kids sell a range of different products, including harems (a personal favourite of mine), leggings, dungarees, tops hoodies and more! There’s so much choice, and on the custom section you also have options to suit different figures and shapes, such as different waistbands on the trousers for taller and slimmer kids, and you can even choose what type of collar and neckline you want 🙂

A lot of Caboodle clothes are made of cotton and are organic, so you know the quality of your order will be of the highest standard.

Why not pop over to their website and check out what beautiful items you can create for your gorgeous smalls? On Caboodle you’ll be sure to find something ready or create something that reflects your taste and your child’s personality 🙂 14429264_10155332744873986_1456325134_n

You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; where you’ll often find them hosting competitions and giveaways!

Choosing to buy WAHM clothes is a great move to make as not only are your children going to look totally fabulous and unique, but you’ll know that they’re wearing a high quality item that was made with care just for them.

Most importantly though, you’re helping to support a small business. In buying these gorgeous things you’re supporting the hard work and talent of the beautiful people who make them.

-E x

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