Why cloth nappies?

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Oh You Beautiful Things!

Ahhh cloth nappies!

You gorgeous (and addictive) little devils! I just adore cloth nappies. I have used them ever since Jacob was about four months old and I have loved every second of using them, I’ve honestly never looked back.

I think lots of people when looking into using cloth nappies can initially be quite intimidated by the extra washing and properly cleaning/caring for them. There’s always those questions that are always asked, like “how do I get rid of the poo?” “Will my washing machine break down because it’s clogged up with baby poo?” and “how will I cope with the extra washing?”

Well I can honestly tell you disposing of your little one’s doings can be as easy as you make it for yourself, either scrape it down the loo or use the shower head to wash it down the toilet.

No, your washing machine will not get clogged up with poo (unless you’re doing something very wrong somewhere…) Your machine will be fine, though I would recommend using a deep cleaning product to keep it spick and span every 6 months or so; and finally the extra washing really isn’t as bad as you may think! Though I suppose that would depend on just how many nappies your small gets through in a day and how many children you have.

But for me the extra washing really isn’t that much of a big deal, I have two children both in nappies and myself and my partner to do washing for too – my washing machine works hard, bless it. But it doesn’t faze me at all having to do an extra couple of loads a week. It’s worth it, that’s how I see it 😉

Why we love cloth

They’re better for the environment

This is pretty obvious really, consider how many nappies a baby goes through in their first year alone (especially the first few months of newborn poo – yuck!) Multiply that by the number of babies that are born every year, the majority of whom are also wearing disposables; and then imagine allll of those nappies piling up in rubbish dumps. This happens (and has been happening) ever since the disposable nappy was invented.

Disposables are not good for your baby’s skin

Disposable nappies are convenient, I’ll admit to that; but not only are they disastrous for the environment (as they take hundreds of years to decompose); but they’re also not very good for your baby’s skin.

Have you ever thought about why disposable nappies are so absorbent? It’s all thanks to all of the nasty chemicals in them that help absorb all of the fluids. Its all well and good these big companies boasting about their products keeping your baby dry for 12 hours +, but all the while those nasty chemicals are being pressed against baby’s skin for long stretches. That can’t be comfortable.

Not to mention that those chemical-laden nappies, once finished with, are then left to rot in their final place of rest; and all the while leaking those poisons into the ground, along with all of the human waste in them. Pretty nasty.

They’re cheaper in the long run

Although starting your cloth nappy collection can initially be pricey, once you have them that’s the cost done with and then you have a lovely shiny new stash ready to use over and over! 🙂
They last and keep lasting!

A lot of the nappies I own are either hand-me-downs from other mums or have been bought second hand from nappy selling sites, AND they’ve lasted both of my children too; and these beauties will continue to last and perform with future babies… (Though not necessarily mine! :p )

So it may sting a bit when you’re tallying up the costs for your start up stash of nappies, and it costs £15-£20 per nappy, but that £15-£20 will keep going and going for years! Compare that to the price of one year’s supply of disposables and you’re laughing! Initial set up can cost from £50- £200 (depending on how good a bargain hunter you are), but just think of the money you’ll save over time!

They retain their value

One thing I’ve noticed about cloth nappies is they keep their value really well, especially if you take good care of them. In fact, you may find some of the nappies in your stash may well cost more than they did when they were brand new! This could be because they belong to a limited edition range, or are part of a design that has finished or has been discontinued.

It’s always good to know that once your beloved nappies have served you well and done their job you can just sell them on for a good price 🙂

They’re so pretty!

Ok so this isn’t necessarily the most important factor, but it’s still pretty important!

If you’re a sucker for pretty patterns and bright colours like me, then I apologise in advance because they’re ridiculously addictive!

There are just so many beautiful brands out there and each one regularly brings out new nappies, each one with those ‘got to have’ prints that are more beautiful than the last!

In-fact, Frugi, who are one of my favourite organic children’s clothes companies, have often worked with TotsBots to put the beautiful Frugi designs onto their nappies. And they rock. Seriously, they’re awesome. I’ll be writing more about Frugi and TotsBots in future posts.

So there we are! There are so many benefits to using cloth nappies, WAY more than I’ve mentioned; and once you get the hang of using them you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using them sooner!

Next time I’ll start talking about some of the beautiful nappy brands out there, and review some of their most popular products; so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time 🙂

–    E x


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